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CFNHM Series Hot Melting Machines Styrofoam CompactorEPS

CFNHM Series Hot Melting Machines Styrofoam CompactorEPS





EPE Foam Melter Machine




... EPS Hot Melting Machine · Film Squeezer. Styrofoam Compactors. styrofoam -compactors-5



... Hot Melt Densifier Mars Series. styrofoam-densifier-2

Styrofoam recycling

Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment



GREENMAX Melting machine. MARS Series

Hot Melting Machine


EPS (Styrofoam/polystyrene) cold compactor FD-2000

EPS Hot Melting Machine|EPS Foam Melter Video-Qinfeng Foam Melter Machine supplier China

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With the help of Styrofoam recycling machines, the plastic packaging manufacturers will find it's way. And a friendly cooperation may promote economic ...

Eps Melting Machine, Eps Melting Machine Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com

Foam heat melt densifier; hydraulic compactor machine ...

Hot Melting Machine For Waste Plastic, Hot Melting Machine For Waste Plastic Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com


There is no doubt that recycling is the best disposal for waste EPS material. So do not turn a blind eye to the waste EPS around you and put away the idea ...

GreenMax hot melt machine (1) ...


Polystyrene densifier supplied by GREENMAX can offer you an efficient recycling methods by melting. MARS series foam densifier can melt the waste foam down ...

Hydraulic Foam Densifier

If there are more EPS recycling companies can adopt such machines, we will be closer to the green world.



This EPE compactor is mainly used for waste disposal, including: paper, EPS (polystyrene foam), EPE PUR EVA and so on. The material through the mill to be ...



The EPS blocks can be granulated into PS pellets though the process of hot melting by using granulating machine. Then PS pellets also can be processed to ...

... from the point of view of environmental protection,always committed to create styrofoam recycling machine, including cold press and hot melt machine, ...



And some of the recyclers found that foam volume reduction is a critical step during the recycling. So the professional machine ...

Polystyrene foam and other plastic food service products are affordable, convenient, sanitary and sturdy-they stand up to greasy chili, keep hot drinks hot ...


Although there are some problems in the plastic particle industry, it can not be denied that the plastic particle industry has become a big industry.

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Waste XPS foam have been crushed into pieces and melted down to blocks by PE foam recycling machines. XPS foam can be used in a lot of fields, ...

... melted-styrofoam_150701


Polyurethane Casting Machine, Polyurethane Casting Machine Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com


Cari Kualitas tinggi Styrofoam Harga Mesin Produsen dan Styrofoam Harga Mesin di Alibaba.com

The use of polystyrene foam material is short, about 50% of the polystyrene foam products is only 2 years, 97% of the styrofoam products use life is not ...

webwxgetmsgimg2. Exterior insulation material polystyrene ...


INTCO will participate in the exhibition as we will show our Greenmax recycling machines to visitors. Our recycling machines could handle waste EPS foam and ...


As we all know, the EPS has brought great convenience to our life and it is impossible to ban its use. For many precious, fragile commodities, ...


... as insulation material in the construction industry, especially in the northern area, because it is moisture-proof insulation and heat preservation.

GREENMAX as INTCO's department of environmental protection machinery brand, focusing on cold compress or hot melt EPS / EPE / EPP / XPS ...

196359061068484926. Melting furnace recycling process

EPS Blocks

GREENMAX has already supplied different plastic recycling machines to over 60 countries, which can help you improve the recycling rate of express foam ...

Styrofoam recycling should be promoted rather than Styrofoam replacement


The resolution asked McDonald's to re-evaluate its use of foam cups and to develop a recycling policy similar to Starbucks (committed to recycle all paper ...

EPS compactor is just a kind of EPS recycling machine which can help you solve the problem of foam boxes recycling. The machine can reduce the volume of the ...

3 because 98% of foam insulation board space is filled with air, have sufficient capacity to buffer the impact of the outside world and by changing the ...



styrofoam waste

INTCO Medical, is China's leading disposable medical supplier and durable medical equipment manufacturer. Mainly engaged in the productions and sales of ...

Problem-oriented strategies are in urgent need that GREENMAX recycling machines can provide total solutions to the Styrofoam recycling.

If we want to recycle EPS foam, we must have a kind of EPS recycling machine with high-technology. Thus foam packaging waste can be recycled for further ...



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Now, after GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling project being implemented, it takes 30 days to fill the compacted material to a 40HQ container.

mxcpPacking-peanuts mxcp4073polystyrene_box

... waste, will not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment; the energy required is quite low, investment in equipment is relatively low, ...

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Owner Sean Harrigan has been recycling polystyrene since 2010 and sells the cubes. He says it's not only a better packing product but it also helps reduce ...


DSC02188 (NXPowerLite) ...

Using the eps compactor to compress loose Styrofoam, and sell it to Intco recycling with high price. They earn large profit and keep waste out of landfill.

EPS compactor is professional equipment to compress eps, makes air out, and make eps to very good density. Compressed and recycled are widely used in many ...